leak, show down, unearth, warrant, unseal

An investigation of any politician’s private life would probably ??? some disquieting facts.

In this case I had to exclude 'show down' and assume it not to be the correct answer, since I couldn't find in neither of my dictionaries, nor on-line. Anyway, it somehow doesn't fit in to me.

From the words that are left, I'm going for 'unearth' because it's about finding some information and getting them to the public, which best fits our sentence.

I also considered 'leak,' but I think it doesn't involve deliberate finding of information. I believe when information leaks, it happens accidentally, and not on purpose. Am I right?
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    I agree with 'unearth' because it implies the 'digging up' of information. A leak can be accidental or on purpose. For example, someone's aide de camp could leak their itinerary to the press. It just means the info wasn't supposed to be 'let out', but was anyway.

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    I agree that it is "unearth". Out of the rest, only "leak" merits any consideration, but I agree with your reservations about this. We do say "to leak [information]" in an active sense; it means to give away restricted information, usually anonymously or with the pretense of it being accidental. This would not naturally fit here, though: you would not expect an investigation to leak from the outset.


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    Any hint on what 'to show down' might mean?
    I only know of "show-down" as a noun:


    1. An event, especially a confrontation, that forces an issue to a conclusion.
    2. Games The laying down of the players' cards face up to determine the winner of the pot in poker.
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