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Hi everyone
What is your interpretation for "lean and male" in the following context from "Tar Baby" by Toni Morrison:
Of course I’m by myself. <...> She was alone at a table for four, proud of having been so decisive, so expert at the leaving. Of having refused to be broken in the big ugly hands of any man. Now she felt lean and male, having left quickly with no peeping back just in case—no explanatory, loophole-laden note. <-----Quote edited by moderator (Florentia52) to copmly with four-sentence limit----->
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    I can't help that, it's what the sentence means. Unless there is more context to disprove me...
    You are right. Perhaps Morrison is telling us that it's a male characteristic behavior to leave your beloved one quickly without peeping back and without leaving an explanatory note. But, still I can't understand the word "lean" there. The girl is lean. She's a beautiful model.