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Hi there,

The word appears in a list called "Values", in the "about us" section of a web site.
It goes:
Customer driven
(sic, those people nurse a grudge against hyphens)
Taking care of our people
Continuous improvement, Lean
Initiative, Pro-activeness and Entrepreneurship

(Yes, they do make up lists mixing adjectives, nouns and verbs, too.)

I can't make anything of the "Lean" in the third item. Is it a misprint for "learn"? If so, it should be "learning" to parallel "improvement", but then stylistics are not their main concern, so it's very possible. Or am I missing both a meaning of "lean" and the point altogether?

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    Right, it's short for "lean production", thanks a lot emmsy. Do you happen to know what it's called in French? I have a feeling there must be a more accurate translation than "efficacité".

    Edit: According to Wikipedia, it's "lean" in French. Is the term widely used, at least widely enough to be understood by customers, typically people looking for anything from a single fuel dispenser to the full equipment of three thousand service stations? I think the latter will know what it's about, but what about the former (and in-between guys...)?
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    une traduction assez passe-partout pour 'lean", vu qu'on n'a pas à l'accorder : "au plus juste"


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    "Lean" in a business context means using the minimum amount of resources to achieve a given objective. The usual term for this is "efficient".
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