lean in to whisk him away

kazuhiko fudaba

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In the article of CNN: The Japanese boxer turned Pritzker Prize winner who buried the Buddha, there are sentences as follow.

"In 40 years, I have never once marketed myself, " he declared proudly, puffing his chest forward, a little smile dancing around his lips.
"Tom Ford. Karl Lagerfeld,"he says, listing the designers he's created hsatisfied man.omes for. "They all come to me."
And that's it. His people lean in to whisk him away, and Tadao Ando departs from the retrospective of his life's work looking like a very

Question)Please paraphrase the bold sentence.
  • lingobingo

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    Ando's people (those who work for him / look after him) take him away quickly after his autograph-signing session, and he leaves his retrospective exhibition looking very happy (because fashion designer Paul Smith was one of the people wanting his autograph).
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