lean [learn] to use some comments for a change!


Unreadable or indecipherable. Something of sufficient complexity that it is incomprehensible. Often applied to someone else's style of writing software. I've spent an hour trying to figure out what your freaking write-only PERL script does: lean to use some comments for a change!
Dictionary of American slang.

Tell me, please, what do they mean by this phrase? - lean to use some comments for a change!

Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    Maybe that means: 'Lean toward keyboard to type some comments for me in order that I could understand how to use this PERL script' ?:confused:


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    When writing computer software, it is good practice to include "comments" in the code, which are not interpreted by the computer but are there to explain what the code is doing for other people who may have to work with it in the future.

    The definition "write only" is about code that is hard to understand (unreadable or indecipherable) because it doesn't contain comments explaining how it works - and the statement should be "LEARN to use some comments for a change!"
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