Leaning his limp...body

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    My host and a bespectacled, moonfaced person with cropped red hair: leaning his limp, seemingly boneless body on a walking stick, he scrutinized me from the
    threshold through his round lenses.

    The Letter Killers Club - Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

    What does the red part mean?
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    His body is limp and seemingly boneless, and he is leaning it (his body) on a walking stick.
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    limp /lɪmp/ adj., -er, -est.
    1. lacking stiffness, as of substance or structure;
      too soft:a limp rag.
    2. tired;
      fatigued:I was limp with exhaustion.
    3. without firmness, force, energy, etc.:limp writing.
    limp - WordReference.com Dictionary of English

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