learned pragmatism

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James Zhang

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Hi, friends.
How to understand "learned pragmatism " in the text below? BTW, it comes from the Economist.

Their leaders are figures who, like Mr Mousavi, gained prominence in the early years of the revolution, but have learned pragmatism since. Many are linked to the reformist movement that briefly thrived during the presidency, from 1997 to 2005, of Muhammad Khatami, a smiling cleric whose enormous popularity failed to make headway against entrenched and occasionally vicious conservative opposition.

  • envie de voyager

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    I agree with JamesM.

    You can replace "have learned pragmatism" with "has become pragmatic." It means that they changed some of their harder opinions and they decided that sometimes it is best to compromise.


    'pragmatism' is a greek world (πραγματισμός)..According to the philosophical theory of pragmatism, only what practically is good for your life is true..The action and the experience come first, then the theory and your beliefs ...

    means to compromise with the reality, to be practical and do the things as must be done, even if you have to act against your beliefs
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