Learning Chinese is pleasure


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Hey everybody!

I would like to know how to write "Learning Chinese is pleasure(enjoyment)" in Chinese characters. There is no context for it, because it is a title.
my attempt is : 中文 Is it correct?
Thank you!
Have a nice day!
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    学中文是一件乐事 --> Is this a situation where 儿话音 is possible? (乐事儿/le4shir4) or is it always "le4shi4" even in dialects with extensive 儿话音? (北方话)



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    Yes, both "le4shir4" and "le4shi4" are fine. Perhaps people speaking the dialect with 儿化音 tend to use le4shir4, though.


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    Not really a pleasure with the traditional learning method... (每个字写10编,作业再写10编,第二天听写时不会默写再写10编)
    Then I'm afraid if your teacher saw this post, you'd have to write "遍" ten times or even more:cool: (捂嘴笑ing~~~).


    I would like to use "快乐汉语" 。Since its a title, it is not recommend to use a whole sentence.Though "快乐汉语" doesn't has a verb, it also implies "(学习)汉语很快乐"。And "汉语" is better than "中文" in this case. It is more formal for a title.

    Not really a pleasure with the traditional learning method... (每个字写10编,作业再写10编,第二天听写时不会默写再写10编)
    It should be "遍". Youngfun, 快点罚写10遍.
    If the punishment is only 10遍, everyone will thank god!
    When i was in middle school , it is 50遍 at first time, every time made the same mistake again, it will be doubled.
    That gave us a "useful" skill, writing with two pens in a hand...
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    goodatchinese said:
    I would like to use "快乐汉语"
    This is already the title of a (series of) book, so it may be misunderstood as referring to that. Also, it's not a translation of what the OP wanted to say in English.
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