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  1. mfj Member

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    I'm wondering how you would say "learning disability" in Russian?

    I saw the expression "умственная неполноценность" but I'm not sure if this the right term?

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  2. gvozd Senior Member

    No, it's not the right term. Умственная неполноценность implies low intellect. As far as I know, 'learning disability' implies that people have some problems while learning, but generally their intellect is OK. I think "нарушение способности к обучению" is what you are looking for.
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Russian term is необучаемость.
  4. Go0gle New Member

    "нарушение способности к обучению" sounds quite strange, though it makes sense.
    Russian term is необучаемость. -> is more closer.
    From me: "Неспособность к обучению"
  5. mfj Member

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    Thank you!
  6. Akis

    Akis Senior Member

    On Google and on Wikipedia I encountered the definition "нарушениe обучения" as well as "нарушение способности к обучению", and the second one makes more sense.

    "Неспособность к обучению"- can simply mean "inability to learn," not specific enough in my opinion.
  7. alibabushka Member

    from my personal point of view (and I am not a professional translator, just a regular native speaker)

    I absolutely agree with the the posts that suggested the variant: нарушение способности к обучению. Although everything depends on the context. In the context of an article it sounds all right but in everyday speech if somebody describes a child у него нарушена способность к обучению it will sound very dramatic to me and imply (in my opinion) some serious problems.

    In regular speech we are much more specific about the essence of learning disability as нарушение чтения, письма or (even better) нарушена способность к чтению, письму. : this boy/this girl has...: у этого мальчика/ у этой девочки нарушена способность к чтению и к письму.

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