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Discussion in 'All Languages' started by Sleptikal, Jun 16, 2013.

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    My current language is spanish, but I'd love to learn japanese.
    The thing is that I want to learn by Internet or something, but it's extremely complex and requires a lot of dedication.
    Does anyone know how to learn japanese online?
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    Hi! Maybe we can request this to be moved to the Japanese forum?
    Well, I learned Japanese by enrolling in a course because this was before the internet and smartphone apps were all the rage.
    For online learning, I have a few suggestions:

    1. Tae Kim has a wonderful guide to Japanese grammar. Also includes learning hiragana, katakana and kanji. In addition to the website, there is also a book and an app which you can download for free.
    2. A great online dictionary would be Jim Breen's Japanese dictionary, which I use all the time.
    3. If you do decide to study offline, you can also get apps like Tae Kim's grammar app, imiwa (a dictionary based on Jim Breen's online dictionary, also free), Anki iOS and ScribeOrigins (flashcard apps that will help you memorize vocabulary and Kanji)

    These are all iPhone apps because I use it more than my Android phone but there are also lots of great Android apps for learning Japanese (such as Obenkyo). I hope this helps :)
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    Besides Tae Kim which Puny Ggd suggested, you have these two websites for grammar: http://www.renshuu.org/index.php?page=grammar/main , http://dev.jgram.org/pages/viewList.php?lv=4 . They are awesome and very useful. This dictionary is extremely useful and it's excellent like the Jim Breen: http://www.alc.co.jp/ . You can read Japanese newspapers online. Judging by your avatar you seem to like anime/manga. Perhaps you also like video games, you can also use them as a source of practice and learning, especially manga and video games since you can directly learn kanji and words in their context. You have places like Italki, Lang8 and Livemocha to look for Japanese speakers and do an exchange or chat with them. Lang8 is a paradise for a certain thing that is forbidden on WR: proofreading. Lang8 is a like diary where you post whatever you want in the language you're learning and natives will correct you. Write stories, what happened to you during the day, some news, anything, and you'll be corrected :). You can try samples here for the JLPT exams: http://www.jlpt.jp/e/samples/forlearners.html (JLPT 1 is the hardest, it's the equivalent of C2 in the common European framework). On the Internet you can have soo many pages to practice and learn Japanese, it's a pretty popular language mainly thanks to anime/manga. As you said, it's a complicated language, but you can learn it on your own if you don't give up :).

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