learning systems vs. training systems


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From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Indeed, there is a mismatch between the change in the pace of change and our ability to develop the learning systems, training systems, management systems, social safety nets, and government regulations that would enable citizens to get the most out of these accelerations and cushion their worst impacts.
This mismatch, as we will see, is at the center of much of the turmoil roiling politics and society in both developed and developing countries today.

Am I correct in thinking that learning systems and training system are, in essence, the same or at least very similar things? It seems to me that in this context "training systems" doesn't refer to sports.

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  • Keith Bradford

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    They're similar but the general distinction seems to be that learning is the acquisition of knowledge in general and training is the giving of skills for a particular purpose. Training usually refers to work and sport skills.