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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by Albatrosspro, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Albatrosspro Senior Member

    West Coast
    English - USA
    Hi, I'd like to suggest some increased features towards using WR as a study tool. While I know that's super broad, here's some concrete suggestions to get started:

    -The ability to place words and their definitions into lists, where you can monitor words you're still learning
    -The ability to create flash card-type interfaces out of your learning lists, using all or part of the WR definition [next level implementation]
    -The ability to create study list/decks for different skill levels and circulate them to other users [next level again]
    -Create quizzes, flash cards, etc. for the userbase; get feedback and be able to share scores and diagnostics in a fun competition [ultimate package?]

  2. mkellogg Administrator

    South Florida
    English - US
    Thanks for the suggestions. I hope to do something along those lines this year.
  3. Albatrosspro Senior Member

    West Coast
    English - USA
    Great to hear, thanks for the response.
  4. SamRein New Member

    French - France
    Hi, This would be a fantastic feature to add to wordreference, are you still working on this?

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