1. Rubia Loca Member

    Good morning,

    Could somebody explain the difference between "rent" and "lease"?
    I´ve looked it up in the dictionary, but I still do not really get what the exact difference is.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!
  2. Castaña Senior Member

    Rent is usually a short term fenomena, tou rent for a week or to, whereas a lease usually last a year or three.
    I hope this was helpful.
  3. Rubia Loca Member

    Thank you!
  4. bizco Member

    In australia we use the term to rent more for renting a house but you tend to lease a piece of equipment under finance. For example a car or computer you would lease if you did not buy it but had a contract to pay a weekly/monthly sum to pay for it.
  5. Castaña Senior Member

    I agree. The question of time applies specially to cars etc. where you can both rent and lease:)
  6. bizco Member

    Castana you are correct. It does apply more to to a time period. You can rent a car for a day or a week and thats why its called car rental but you would be wrong to use the term car lease if it was for a day or a week.
    With a car lease for instance it is over a several year period.
  7. Rubia Loca Member

    Thanks to you both!
  8. MarcB Senior Member

    US English
    In the case of property (in AE) we rent(verb) a house but we sign a lease (noun) for the house rental(adj.)
  9. Pecosa Senior Member

    Castellano Argentina
    cuales serían los equivalentes en castellano??

    Se me ocurren "alquilar y arrendar", que son sinónimos...
  10. Castaña Senior Member

    Hi MarcB. Yes it seems as if exactly the same applies in Spanish
    Y Pecosa! Parece como hay la misma diferecía entre "rent" y "lease" encuanto a inmobiliarios (desde el Wordreference diccionario):

    lease [lɪ:s]

    II verbo transitivo arrendar: Mary is leasing her house to Ruth now, Mary ahora está alquilando la casa a Ruth

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