least of all, contra.

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Does the word "contra" refer to views contrary to Christianity or a group of people who are against Christianity - with "the" somehow missing: Yes, doubt will still come, even to the one who follows Christ. But the only person who has a right to leap forward even with a doubt is someone whose life bears the marks of imitation,
someone who by a decisive action at least tries to go so far out that becoming a Christian can still be a possibility. Everyone else must hold his tongue; he has no right to put in a word about Christianity, least of all contra.

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    It must mean contrary / against, in a Latin sort of way ... but I have never met it used this way and it is not given as a word in our dictionary. Who wrote this?


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    "Contra" here simply means "against." The sentence might then be read as "... he has nor right to talk about Christianity, least of all (i.e. especially) against (it/Christianity)."
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