leave little in the way of emotion or life beyond...

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The obsession is a reassuring sign of the Auteur At Work; the discipline less so. We expect a little exorbitance from our auteurs, especially those working at this level. But so far, there has been no costly folly on Nolan’s resumé – no 1941 or The Abyss – and this very success renders him suspicious to his critics, who maintain that he is a chilly film-maker, a neatnik showman constructing elaborate puzzles that, once solved, leave little in the way of emotion or life beyond their hermetically sealed borders.

(This comes from theguardian.com Christopher Nolan: the man who rebooted the blockbuster by Tom Shone on 4 November 2014.)

Does the blue part mean "leave (little emotion or life) outside (beyond) their hermetically sealed borders"?

Thanks in advance!
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