Leave the playing field wide open

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What does it mean to "leave the playing field wide open?" Is it a commonly used expression? Does it mean it gives more freedom and opportunities for the players (whoever the players are-perhaps businessmen?)

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As anyone who’s ever tried to get a bank loan knows, the application process can be arduous, and credit can be hard to get. Banks tightened lending rules significantly following the financial crisis, and they really haven’t loosened them much. That left the playing field wide open for fintechs using big data and advanced technologies to speed up underwriting and create new financing options for a wider range of people.

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    It's an analogy to a sports game. In a way, business is a competition like sports. If one team doesn't come to play, especially a good team, the other teams that come will have an easier time. They will not have a lot of people opposing them.
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