leaving the flesh torn

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— What we seem to have amongst us is a predator of some type, most likely a coyote or a wolf. Its manner of... of killing and removing the fur, but leaving the flesh torn, may be a sign that this animal suffers from madness.
The Village, movie

How do I understand "torn" in this context? Here's an example picture from the movie:
The Village.2004.x264.HDTVRip.720p_0001.avi_20171115_230340.403.jpg :warning:click

I would say that the flesh is actually "intact", rather than "torn". Does "by "torn" she mean that the fur was "torn away from the flesh"?

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    I see no other interpretation but yours, Vic.
    The fur has been torn from the body. The flesh is intact.
    I think it's a bad line in the script.
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