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  1. gbasfora

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    I'm not sure how to translate the word واسع in the context below :
    هيلا يا واسع هيلا هيلا هيلا
    مركبك راجع هيلا هيلا هيلا
    بسمتك ليلة عبستك ليلة هيلا هيلا

    Maybe sailor/seafarer : welcome sailor ,you boat(felucca ?) is back/has returned

    thanks in advance
  2. chatsi66 Member

    middle east
    The use of the word (HAILA/هيلا) in many middle east cultures is related to sailors and the sea,,, and it refers to standing strong while facing the hardships of the sea, and the hard work of fishermen on the shore, rather than "welcome" :) As for "واسع",,,this is an adjective meaning wide or large,,most likely in reference to the sea...ad the two versus you posted are like a folk chant used by people working in/ near the the sea...hope this has helped :)
  3. gbasfora

    gbasfora Senior Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Thank you Chatsi66 . I guess I could translate it into " O sailor ! Be stronger than the mighty/great sea. Do you know any equivalent expression in english ? I think an expression that is already used by british/american sailors ?

    Thanks again

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