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  1. gbasfora

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    There is a song called يا ناطور القمرية and I am not sure how to translate القمرية.

    The context :
    يا ناطور القمرية بدي وصيك وصية خلي السمرا تساوي شعرا وتلحقنا عالسهرية

    I guess there are 3 possibilities :

    1) Lunar (of the moon) . The guardian of the moon

    2) A city/village called قمرية in Lebanon. The guardian of 2amriy

    3) Palm dove. The caretaker(?)/keeper of palm doves

    Which of them are the correct one ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. chaos90 Member

    I think قمرية means some kind of Balcony, terrace or veranda (verandah). It means شرفة or بلكونة in Arabic, as I know.

    Or it just means window. I think it is related to Lebanon, but I do not really know so much.
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  3. hiba Senior Member

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    In Yemen, qamaria is a semi-circle window that is made up of different colors of stained glass: http://up.arab-x.com/Nov09/NZA89767.jpg
  4. barkoosh Senior Member

    Yes it's a type of windows. The word is related to "moon".
    As for who/what is ناطور القمرية, my guess is that's the moon itself. The word ناطور means guard/keeper of an orchard... (also used for a doorkeeper). And who stands guard at the قمرية? I believe it's the moon.
  5. gbasfora

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    Thank you Chaos90 , Hiba and Barkoosh. So is it a pun(a play of words) ?
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  6. shafaq Senior Member

    I think ناطور القمرية means   either one of these:
    1- who waits on balcony/window in the hope of see her lover.
    2- who always watches for window/balcony of his lover in the hope of see her.
  7. gbasfora

    gbasfora Senior Member

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    thank you Shafaq
  8. إسكندراني

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    It's related tot he word قمرة (Qumrah) meaning 'small darkened room' from which the word camera is derived.

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