Lebanese Arabic: لانتشيت عالكهربا من نخاع العمود


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Hi there,

I need help with translating this sentence which is really not clear to me...
لأنتشيت عالكهرباء من أنخاع العمود

Its from the song Tayf by Mashrou Leila- [Youtube title: Mashrou' Leila - 07 - Tayf (Ghost)]
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    It’s نخاع, not أنخاع, and كهربا without a ء.

    It’s literally saying “until I got high on the electricity from the marrow of the pole.”

    I guess they’re likening the electricity to marrow because it “runs through” a pole/lamppost just as marrow runs through a bone. I’m not sure why they’re saying they got high on electricity, though.


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    I don't think this is what is meant. I'm guessing of course because I've never heard such an expression before but I think that نخاع العمود refers to his own spine (العمود الفقري وليس عمودا من الحديد أو الألومنيوم). I also think that كهربا here does not refer to the A/C current running in electrical wires, rather a metaphor for a quiver or a similar human physical reaction. I believe that he's saying something like "I got high by a quiver from inside my spine".

    I personally didn't like the song, the words were not the easiest to get, but I think this makes more sense in the overall feel of the song.
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