Lebanese (?) Arabic: ونحنا لسا عم نتفاصل مين تيدفع حق القهوة

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I saw in a Facebook comment the following structure:

عم تسمع؟ ونحنا لسا عم نتفاصل مين تيدفع حق القهوة

The context is a long joke where the point is what good and self-sacrificing friends the protagonists are, so this comment is obviously joking about the commenter and his friend (who he has tagged)'s petty behaviour in their own friendship. Is ta- normal in Lebanese in such sentences and if so could you possibly give other examples where it's used like this?

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    I was just talking to some Lebanese guys. Something about Warcraft came up, eliciting this sentence from a Northerner dude: bta3ref s-sound lle bya3mlo bas ta ye2tlo? "You know the sound he makes when he's about to kill him?"

    (Probably a phonetically inaccurate transcription, e.g. might've been li rather than lle, but the overall sentence/words are as said.)

    It seems to be about equivalent to the future-marking sense of بد as in مين بدو يدفع or بس بدو يقتلو. Pretty interesting.
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