Lebanese Arabic: Leik ne7na kena bel strings

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Pleaseeee anybody translate the following message for me:
Leik ne7na kena bel strings w Alfred 2alna kermal neje bokra bizabetelna mesh el ma7chouzin 7kine iza fik.
I want to know what is it, my boy-friend sent it to me by mistake :) he he
  • elroy

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    Welcome to the forums. :)

    Please do not attach new questions onto existing threads; start a new thread instead.

    Your text is written in what looks like Lebanese Arabic. I'm not certain about every part of it, and I'm missing the context, but I'll offer what I can anyway:

    Listen, we were at Strings, and Alfred told us that he would arrange (things) for us so that we can come tomorrow. Not the booked ones. Call me if you can.

    *The part in red confuses me the most. It seems out of place and doesn't seem to make much sense.
    *As for the part in blue, I'm fairly certain of my translation but I had to add "things." It seems to me that the original sentence is, technically speaking, missing an object.
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