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hey im new here and i have a question. my grandma is 100% lebanese making me 25%. I am not sure what langauge she speaks but if you could help me out that would be great. Whenever i would sneeze she would say "saha dini"(spelling?) i think the meaning god bless you. i want to get a tattoo saying this but in the actual langauge spelling of it either in lebanese or arabic. If you could tell me what langauge its in and tell me how to spell/say god bless you ( in the christian form if it is possible) that would be great. thanks in advance.
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    Your grandma most likely spoke Arabic.
    Was she Christian or Muslim? each group has certain phrases unique to it.
    Then ask yourself do you want a tattoo of a formal Arabic phrase meaning something like "God bless you", or you want the exact words that your gradnma used to say?
    Then wait for one of the Lebanese natives to chime in.
    I'm only a student of Arabic, but I have heard "صحة", SaHHa, said to me when sneezing, which probably comes from SiHHa spelled the same way, which means health. Although I don't know about the dini part, you'll have to wait for an Arab :)


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    Yes my gma would say it to me when i would sneeze and she is a christian. And i would like it to say "God Bless You" but in the native Arabic/Lebanese language if that's possible


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    All the above information is wrong except for vaftrudner.

    I am Lebanese and it does not matter if you are christian or muslim, whenever someone sneezes you say:


    Pronounced ṡaḣḣain the LLL (Lebanese Latin Letters) system.

    I am not sure about your second word: "dini", it is either an uncommon phrase, or you mis-spelled it.

    For proper pronunciation, you can try posting here again using the LLL system so that I can tell how the word is pronounced, or it could be something like this:

    dini means world
    diini means religion but could be used as a word of endearment (ṡaḣḣa ya diini)


    "Arabic - Lebanon"
    Hey, another lebanese here, and it's commonly just صحة

    and yes both muslims and christians here have the same expressions regarding god bless you, god be with you, etc..

    you could use

    صحتك بالدني

    which reads as "sahtak bil dini" or "sahtak biddini", i guess it means something like a wish that you have your health in the world. I guess this is what you were referring to.
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