Lebanese/Levantine Arabic: Pronoun Suffix

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I want to to know how i can say phrases like:

i say to you/i said him/i will say him

Also: I talked with you/I talked with him

I look at you/I look at him/He looked at you

Or: Look at him/her
In lebanese dialect.

I hope you can see my problem
My try for „i say to you“ is: be2ulak

I say to him: be2ulo ?

I heard „3am illak“ but doesn‘t illak mean something like „(thats) yours“ ? Or am I mixing up things? :D

I know how to conjugate the verbs, but I am not sure how to attach the suffix for the pronouns in this cases. Is there are pattern to use?

Please write your answers in latin letters as I can‘t read arabic yet.

Thank you guys
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    In the case of suffixes, you simply attach the pronoun to the verb or to the preposition required by the verb. For example:

    he kisses her:
    yboosa (yboos + a)

    he talked to them:
    7eke ma3un (7iki + ma3 + un)

    As for the prefixes, we add "3am" for the present continous and "b" for the simple present (except with "we", in which we add "m"). For example:
    I'm running:
    3am irkuD

    I run:
    [ana] birkuD

    We're watching [TV]
    3am ni7Dar [TV]

    We watch [movies]
    [ni7na] mni7Dar [movies]

    We're watching it [a series]
    3am ni7Daro

    We watch it [a series]
    [ni7na] mni7Daro

    As for "2ullo" and "2illak", please note that in some instances the Lebanese dialect replaces the dammah with kasrah. For example:
    tell me: 2ille (or 2il-le). In other countries or even in other parts of Lebanon, it's "2ul-li".
    get crazy: "jinn" instead of "junn".*
    I saw: "shift" instead of "shuft".

    * Search for the video "Vitamin Movie Official Trailer" on youtube and move to 1:23.


    Thank you very much.
    So for example:

    Be2ulo is the right translation of „i say to him?“ I don‘t think this is right, it sounds to easy to me.
    Therefore be2ulak should mean „I say to you“ ?

    So I just conjugate the verb (wanted pronoun) and just attach the suffix? (-ak, -o, -ha, etc.) ?
    It seems to be very easy but it looks wrong to me :D
    I hope somebody can help me with the suffixes considering the conjugation of the verbs.
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