Lebanese/Palestinian: Do you know how to write, read and speak Hebrew? Write a sentence and its meaning!

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    Hello everybody!

    How would one ask in the Lebanese/Palestinian dialect: "Do you know how to write, read and speak Hebrew? Write a sentence for me and tell me what it means please!"

    Thanks in advance! :)
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  2. yasmeena Senior Member

    Arabic (Lebanon)
    Lebanese :

    بتعرف(ي) تكتب(ي) وتقرا(تقري) وتحكي عبري؟ اكتبلي(اكتبيلي) شي جملة وقللي(قليلي) شو معناها لو سمحت(إذا بتريد\ي

    Bta3ref/bta3erfe tiktob/tikitbe w ti2ra/ti2re w ti7ke 3ibre? ktible/ktibiile she jimle w ille/iliile shu ma3neha law sama7t/e (iza bitriid/e).
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    Shuran kiteer Yasmeena for everything! :)
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    I'll take a crack at the Palestinian version of this sentence for fun, but Elroy will have to come by and confirm/correct it:

    This is going to get messy with genders because there are so many verbs, so I'm just going to write one "to m." and the other "to f."

    To M: Bti3raf tuktob w-ti2ra w-ti7ki 3ibri (3ibraani?)? Uktubli jumle w-2ulli shu ma3naaha, law sama7et.

    To F: Bti3rafi tukotbi w-ti2ri w-ti7ki 3ibri? Ukotbiili jumle w-2uliili shu ma3naaha, law sama7ti.

    I'm not sure if they do this in Palestinian, but in Amman at least many people say tiqra2 for "read" but if you pronounce the qaaf you also have to pronounce the hamze like in fus7a, so you would say "btiqra2i" for feminine.
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    Very good! I'm impressed. :)
    W is pronounced u after a consonant.

    Tukutbi and ukutbi are also used, but only in certain regions.

    Other possible translations of "please" are min faDlak/faDlek, iza sama7et/sama7ti, iza mumken, and balla (which would be placed after uktubli/uktubiili).
    Yes, it's the same in Palestinian: btiqra2 and btiqra2i.

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