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  1. pauligonza New Member

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    Hello everybody!! I'm writing some instructions for my students in a handout, I have to write : "Denle al texto una lectura superficial para subrayar las palabras que ya conocen " and I'm not sure if it is correct , here is my attempt: " do a superficial reading just to underline the words you already know " por favor ayudenme !!!

    thanks a lot !!!!
  2. swift

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    Hola, Pauli. Te damos la bienvenida al foro. :)

    Quizás podrías usar 'skim through'.
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  3. Chris K Senior Member

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    Give it a quick read-through, o skim it.
  4. donbeto

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    Sí, o quizás skim over the text.

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