Lecture vs. presentation vs. discourse vs. conference

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I'm not sure the difference between the terms in subject. I know it's against the forum rules to ask you to explain me the difference, so here's a context:

There will be a ....... tomorrow about the meaning and origin of life, where scientists, philosophers, astronomers, historians, theologists will be giving speeches before an audience. Anyone can visit that event free. The lenght is several hours. It is a one-time event.

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    Could be a conference or a presentation due to the varied professionals. A 'discourse' is not presented with a schedule and an audience while 'a lecture' is taught not presented in a conference. Given the audience of professionals, I assume that no lecture is to be taught to them. There is an exchange of information and an expected feedback. More, the conference is an organised event where presentations or discourses on certain topics / speeches may be part of.
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