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    what is the difference???
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    In my understanding it's whether what is being taught is spoken or physical.

    A lecturer would tell you about the subject, give you information and answer questions, like a biology lecturer who will tell medical students all about the human body.

    An instructor will physically show you how do to something, like a driving instructor, who will instruct you as you physically drive a car, or a Ski Instructor, who will take you on the slopes and show you how to ski, while you do the same.
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    There is also an American/British difference. At the university level, the person called a "lecturer" in the UK is called an "instructor" in the US.
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    In a university setting, these are job titles. Different universities and different countries seem to have different rules for using them. For example, in one university may call these teachers " lecturers" and another may call them " instructors", but there is not much difference in what they do.

    In general, though, teachers with this title are lower in rank that those called "professors", at least in the US context.
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    When I went to university, in Scotland, we had a lecturer, a senior lecturer, and a professor as the gradient of the teaching staff. They all instructed us. Interestingly the lecturer rarely lectured, but was more involved in the practical side of instruction, rather than the lecturing aspect.
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    In England I've never heard of a PE (Physical Education) lecturer, only instructors. To lecture is to instruct, that is, to give knowledge, but not all knowledge involves physical action. I might learn driving theory from a lecturer, but I'd drive on the road with an instructor.
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