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    I'm searching for a job in England as a Spanish Teacher, and in almost all the posts I've found, they want a "Lecturer". What does it mean exactly? a teacher who has an university career, a teacher who teaches university pupils, or a spanish assistant??
    I'm so confused! Please help me!

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  2. stevea Senior Member

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    In the UK a Lecturer works in a university or similar. Compulsoryeducation in the UK covers the school system where pupils study to age 16. They may then continue into the "sixth form" where they remain another two years at the school. Those providing education in this sector (the school sector) are by and large called teachers. In Higher Education provided at university or college etc (i.e. for those over 18) the general term is lecturer.
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    Thank you for your answer, you have been so helpful for me!
  4. stevea Senior Member

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    Good luck with your search. I clarified my previous reply but I would also add that the term Lecturer seems to be applied to those who do not teach in schools. This does not mean the all lecturers are teaching university degree courses.
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    If you are familiar with the university positions in the US, then a person who would be called (Assistant/Associate) Professor in the US would be called Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in UK.
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    Thank you for your posts.
    Do you know where can I look for a job as a spanish teacher (to beginners) in United Kingdom?
    I've been looking for it, but I haven't found a job.
    (something like the official web of jobs of UK or whatever)

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