left foot 'stepping' on a rock [human posture]


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Hi everyone! :)

I'd like to describe a human posture but I don't know how I can describe it correctly.
Please help me on this.

It is a photo of a TV show named Monk. And I'd like to describe the man in the photo.

Here's my description.
He puts his left foot on a rock, right hand on his waist, and supports his head with his left hand.

I'm happy to hear your description!

Monk s04e10 Mr Monk Goes to a Fashion Show-iMa.avi_001073865.jpg

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    Here's my new description. :D

    He is standing with his left foot stepping on a rock.

    I was wondering if the word "step" is proper to use here.

    My description could be wrong for so many reasons. :D
    So if there is some more natural and common expression, I would love to know!
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    I'm wondering if we can just say that his left foot is on a rock, and leave off stepping​ altogether.

    Or perhaps, 'he is resting his left foot on a rock'.
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