leg of the grasshopper/grasshopper's leg

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Hello everybody

A biology teacher wants to talk about insects. She wants to talk about the strength and power of the legs of grasshoppers.
She says:
As you see , the grasshopper's leg/ the leg of the grasshopper is so strong.

Which one would you suggest?
I think the second one sounds better but I'm not sure.

Please tell me your opinion.
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    Is she talking to young children, as "so strong" would suggest? In that case, "the grasshopper's leg" is more consistent with the register. If speaking with older students, then either one would probably work, although the context of the surrounding sentences would be important.


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    Both work.
    (What sounds slightly odd to me is the "so strong".)
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    She's talking to some teenagers. She says:
    As you see , the grasshopper's leg/ the leg of the grasshopper is so strong.An adult grasshopper can leap ten times its length in the high jump, 20 times its length in the broad jump.


    I'm not sure the "As you see" is really necessary, unless there's something before this sentence demonstrating the strength of a grasshopper's legs.

    There are various problems with the sentence <-----Off-topic comment removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->

    I suggest: Grasshoppers' legs are so strong that an adult can... or Grasshoppers have such strong legs that...
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