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Currently working on this study :

I came across the word "legacy" in this context :

Extract of the table :

Preschool 21,635 Ind.(for individuals)
School 1,164,463 Ind.
College Grad 384,232 Ind.
Post-College 56,266 Ind.
Elderly (70+) 163,101 Ind.
Public Status 18,568 Ind.
Legacy 792 Ind.

I wanted to know what the authors implied by the use of "legacy" and specially to know if it corresponds to dead people who were once famous.
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    Legacy is explained precisely in the linked document - look at the "Notes for Table 8" in Appendix C5.
    All individuals listed in the index to West Virginia: A History by O.K. Rice are counted
    as part of West Virginia’s legacy.
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