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Hi to everyone! After translating an article on the right to die i still have a couple of doubts. Firstly, what's the equivalent to legal scholars? "expertos legales"?? And secondly, does the word internist exist? because i don't find it anywhere. The sentence is:
"..., recalls the 71-year-old New York City internist". Maybe it's a mistake but then, what would the exact word be?

Oh, i almost forgot i've got one more question:
"Now, as long as a patient is (...), mentally competent and..." Could i translate it as "Ahora, mientras que un paciente ´mantenga aún sus facultades mentales...", or saying it i don't reproduce exactly the message of the english version??

Muchas gracias!!
  • frone

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    Internist is "a specialist in internal medicine", that is, a doctor whose specialty is in internal medicine.

    Cardiologists, for example, are internists who subspecialize in diseases of the heart.

    Wikipedia says that "La medicina interna es una especialidad médica que se dedica a la atención integral del adulto enfermo, sobre todo a los problemas clínicos de la mayoría de los pacientes que se encuentran ingresados en un hospital. El médico especialista en medicina interna se llaman internista"
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