<legally penetrate> the pay wall

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As I read the following passage, I comment it: "Sounds too good to be true. I can't wait to see how the author would legally penetrate the pay wall of academic papers."

Well, here's the question: "penetrating" sounds illegal while I describe it wiht "legal." What an oxymoron. And I wonder whether I've used the word "penetrate" correctly in English.

Yes, You Can Haz PDF

<........................> While this scenario could be seen as a rather risky way of working, it is actually indicative of a new aspect of research culture, and one that can be embraced and indeed catered for with the right tools. In order to meet the needs of researchers, any such tool would provide access to papers from a wide range of sources and ideally facilitate a quick and easy way of viewing and reviewing content. By using a legitimate tool instead of rogue sites offering quick access to full PDFs, researchers would be able to access information with confidence that there is a level of quality assurance and integrity, and to avoid compromising their progress when citing this work.

Source: Scientific American
  • Thomas Tompion

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    I don't see 'legally penetrate' as an oxymoron at all. There's nothing automatically illegal about penetration.

    You need 'could' or 'might', rather than 'would'. We aren't talking of wishes but of fulfilment.
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