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    Ciao all,

    in Italian we very often refer to "la Finaziaria"; I found a thread mentioning it (with other interesting terms as well) but all references are only in Italian:

    I now have to translate this sentence:
    "volevamo sottoporre alla Vs. attenzione una norma agevolata introdotta dall’ultima Legge Finanziaria"
    My try:
    We would like to bring to your attention a facilitating regulation, introduced by the last Financial Law.
    But does "Financial Law" correspond to the Italian?
    Thank you!! :)
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  2. Einstein

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    The British expression is "the Budget", so "... introduced under the last Budget". I don't know if it's the same in the USA or elsewhere.
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    Milan, Italy
    Italy Italian
    Grazie Einstein!
    Any comments from AE native speakers?
  4. furs

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    I can tell you that I've seen 'legge finanziaria' consistently rendered in AE as 'budget law'.

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