legitimize social strikings

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The phrase from my test practice confuses me.

"The architects of New York's early skyscrapers, hinting here at a twelfth-century cathedral, there at a fifteenth-century palace, sought to legitimize the city's social strivings by ___- a history the city did not truly ___-.
(A)revealing.. deserve
(B)displaying.. desire
(C)evoking.. possess
(D)preserving.. experience
(E)flouting.. believe"

Many people say C, yet I prefer A. I don't understan "legitimize the city's social strivings". How can the hinting of nonexistence can do that?

Thank you.

  • srk

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    I don't understand "legitimize the city's social strivings" either, gil, but you can eliminate a choice or two without that understanding.

    In order for something to be revealed, it has to have been hidden. I think that eliminates (A), because there was no hidden history. That might make (C) look better to you than it did, and you may already have reasons for passing over the others.


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    I agree with SRK: The correct answer is C. The original sentence tells you that the architecture hinted at a history that wasn't actually there—so as SRK says, it can't be revealed. It can't be displayed or preserved, either, which eliminates (B) and (D); and "flouting" makes no sense, eliminating (E).
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