Leishmaniose / Dum-dum fever

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Anglais: Leishmaniasis - Autrefois connu comme "Dum-dum fever"

Dr. William Leishman a donné son nom à cette maladie dont 20 millions de personnes sont atteintes.



Puisque la leishmaniose, en tant que terme français, m'est complètement familière mais que j'ignorais aussi complètement la version anglaise, je me demandais s'il n'existe pas d'autre nom plus répandu?

...toutes vos idées sont les bienvenues :)
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  • Keith Bradford

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    It's leishmaniosis or leishmaniasis, and there are various types:
    • Leishmaniose américain = American leishmaniasis, espundia, uta, pion-bois, forest yaws...
    • Leishmaniose du chien = canine leishmaniasis
    • Leishmaniose cutanée = Cutaneous leishmaniasis, rural leishmaniasis, swimmer's itch
    • Leishmaniose splénétique infantile = infantile kala-azar
    ...and I'll spare you all the rest. In short, it's most often called kala-azar but you can't really call that an everyday name, perhaps because it's not an everyday disease in these parts?


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    "It's leishmaniosis or leishmaniasis, and there are various types"

    Thankyou for your input Mr. Bradford but my problem is more that whilst I do know about Leishmaniasis (and so does almost everyone I know in France) not only did I have to look up the English word but English speakers tend to look blank if use it....which is why I was thinking that there was another more common term.

    I have lived in various hot, nasty, English-speaking parts of the world where I know for certain that the disease exists but never consciously heard the English word.

    I did see the "kala-azar" name in the link that I gave but I'd hasard that I'd get even less results using that :)
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