Leisurely: adverb?

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Kelly B

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USA English
I've recently noticed instances of leisurely used as an adverb. According to the on-site dictionary this is acceptable, but it makes me cringe, and I'm wondering whether you all have the same reaction.

A leisurely run :tick:
She runs leisurely :eek:

I'd enjoy your feedback. Thanks!
  • lucas-sp

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    English - Californian
    I don't think there's anything wrong with "leisurely" as an adverb, but I think you chose an odd example.

    He sipped leisurely at his cocktail.
    We strolled leisurely toward the pool.

    It doesn't collocate as naturally with "run," at least not in the sentence you provided. Also, this use goes back to the 15th century if not earlier! Wordsworth used it, apparently.


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    American English
    With all due respect to Wordsworth, it sounds awkward to me too. Not wrong, certainly, but awkward. I'd recast:

    We took a leisurely stroll toward the pool.


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    English - South-East England
    Ly-adjectives always sound somewhere between bad and wrong when you try to use them as adverbs - whether you add an extra adverbial -ly on or not:

    :( She smiled friendly at me.
    :( She smiled friendlily at me.

    Good style, if not strict grammar, prefers to avoid this usage entirely. The Internet of course is not a bastion of good style.
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