Lem pushed Jody real hard


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Would be possible to replace "pushed" by "pushed away"? What does "real hard" mean?
They started to fight again. Penny pushed between them. Lem reached over Penny's head and hit Oliver. Soon, everyone was fighting, Penny and Jody, too. Lem pushed Jody real hard. Jody dropped into blackness. (From a simplified of The Yearling.)
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    "Real hard" means "really hard", which means "very hard". In some dialects of American English, people say "real" instead of "really".

    #1. Lem pushed Jody.
    #2. Lem pushed Jody away.

    Those two aren't quite the same. #2 says that Lem pushed at Jody for the purpose of making her move away from Lem. #1 just says that he pushed her. It does not say that he intended her to move at all. Pushing and pulling and hitting are all part of "fighting".

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