lemon cough syrup


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I really need you to help my with this, I just do not know how to express this in Spanish:

"Like the most appealing sort of lemon cough syrup"

This is what I tried:

"Como una especie de jarabe de limón de los más apetecibles"

Thanks for your help

Hi again,
Just to make things clear, this sentences is describing WINE but I guess he/she did not really want to compare lemon syrup cough with wine
What do you think?

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  • Ferrol

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    Jarabe para la tos con/de limón
    Cough syrup : jarabe para la tos.Maybe he/she means that the wine is too sweet (as occurs with some white wines to which sugar was added during mosts fermentation as a way of raising their alcoholic content).I'm not much of a winemaking expert thoough!
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