L'empâtement grossier qu'on y observe est le fait de raccommodages

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    Hi again!
    DOC: 1907 Museum catalog of ancient Egyptian mirrors. Catalog entry.
    CONTEXT: 44080. Disque de miroir. - Bronze fourré d'étain ou de fer. - (pl. XX). TECHNIQUE. [....] Le trait, au burin, est d'assez bon style. La tige, dont il ne reste que des adhérences, était soudée. L'empâtement grossier qu'on y observe est le fait de raccommodages.
    ATTEMPTS: The treatment, with a burin, is of a fairly good style. The tang, of which only some deposits remain, was soldered. 1. The rough coating seen on it is the result of repairs. 2. The rough coating is the result of repairs.
    ISSUE: This little sentence is frustrating -- the meaning seems clear, but I can't get it to sound quite right. Is it just overly wordy? or have I missed something?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    'The rough impasto which can be observed results from/is due to repairs.'

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