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Is there any equivalent for Lengua y Literatura as a subject?
I was thinking about the possibility of saying: Spanish and Literature?

I know Spanish is a language, however, what is really taught in Lengua y literatura are rules of grammar, tenses... and just a bit of literature.

Thank you.
  • Thank you Huon! but this subject includes both concepts/ contents: Grammmar and Literature as well.

    So, how would you say Lengua y Literatura in English as a subject? It is not done separately.


    Thank you everybody though I might not have been quite clear. Sorry.
    Lengua y Literatura is a Spanish subject. I'd need the English for that. That's why I thought Spanish and Literature was appropriate, but I'm not sure at all.

    I cannot write just English, Boss, as the subject is done in Spanish. There is another subject that is English Language. Thank you anyway.

    En la escuela tomé "Lenguaje" que era acerca del idioma (graamática, ortografía, etc.) y "Literatura", que era sobre ensayos, poesia, etc.
    In American high schools the subject areas are: English, Spanish, Algebra, World History etc. That is how they appear on transcripts and that is how they are tested by the federal government. Each level of "English" is a mix of composition and literature. If you are preparing a transcript in order for your credits to be transferred, I recommend calling your "lenguaje" class "Spanish Composition" and your "Literatura" class "Spanish Literature."

    I worked in U.S. high schools for 20 years and it was often hard for us to figure out how to assign credits for classes we didn't offer. So it's best to make them sound like something American educators understand.
    Just to clarify, the situation in UK schools is similar to that in USA ones. Whilst at O (Ordinairy age 15) level we had English Language and Literature as two separate exams, at A (Advanced age 17) level they became just one subject and that was called English.
    Even if people go on to university and get a degree in the subject it is still simply English.
    However I have heard it referred to as "an English language degree," although I think this tends to describe a degree achieved in English as a foreign language.
    Thank you all!
    Creo que Barbara y Houn han terminado de aclarar el panorama. Gracias COLsass, Fsabroso y The Boss (intimidating... ;) ). El aporte de todos me ayuda a ser más fiel a lo que vuelco en palabras en otro idioma ya que, inventados, serían una bofetada a la lengua meta, no?

    Es un transcript para otra persona a ser presentado en una universidad en Israel. Nuevamente, gracias!