Les 70 ans à la carte, une double hypocrisie.

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  1. robb2002 Member

    Hey I have attemepted this.
    70 years on the map, a double hypocricy?
    It is about reitrement ages in France.
  2. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    à la carte here has nothing to do with maps, it's the image of picking and choosing on a menu rather than taking the prix fixe set meal. However, I don't really understand this sentence - is it a headline?
  3. robb2002 Member

    Yes it is a headline sorry...nobody seems to understand it :-(
  4. xiancee

    xiancee Senior Member

    you pick your retirement age when you wish ...
    It was supposed to be 60 when you retire now it's getting on 70
    but Governement won't say it plainly
    hence the hypocrisy
  5. robb2002 Member

    So that means 70 years on the menu, a doube hypocricy?
    Does that make sense?
    Thank you so much
  6. xiancee

    xiancee Senior Member

    it is rather " at your pick" "if you choose"
  7. robb2002 Member

    So, 70 years if you choose, a double hypocricy? That makes so much sense.
    Thank you :)

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