les biches


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I read this in a comic book for teenage girls. It was spoken by a boy to a group of girls he was passing by.

He said, "Eh, les biches! Je peux vous emprunter votre portable une seconde?" And one responded, smiling, "Pourquoi pas?".

How would one translate "les biches" in english? And, in french, when is it acceptable to use? Would it not be acceptable to say in an office setting? Or to older than teenage girls?
  • "Ma biche" was often used by Louis de Funes -a famous French comic actor- in his movies when talking to his wife. The expression is a little dated though. I guess that "les biches" in that context could be translated as "sweathearts" or "darlings". It would seem a little stronger though I you were to call that a group of women that you didn't know. Using it on your workplace would probably be out of line if it were to take place in the US, but in France if you were having an unformal relationship with your colleagues and you wanted to express your affection, je pense que ça passerait comme une lettre à la poste.
    Maybe this should be another thread, but what is the contemporary/ informal/ colloquial way guys and girls express affection for each other ?
    French natives: I thought "chéri(e)" was a bit dated - am I correct ?