les débris du criblage et de la salle de recette


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I'm reading Germinal by Emile Zola and there's a sentence that I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out.

The sentence is: D'abord, une sorte de tourbillon emporta les débris du criblage et de la salle de recette.

The paragraph is talking about the start of a violent strike. I understand most of the sentence but the word I'm having trouble with is Criblage. Can you help me?

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    CNTRL gives "criblage, amongst other things as the mechanical sorting of ore or coal or, quoting a different passage of the same book, the building in which it is done. Apparently the first step in sorting coal is done by the "screening plant" but, from pictures I have seen, it appears to be outdoors. Later steps include a "washery" (see here).
    PS I think I've found it: "screening shed" (this is about an 1870 mine).
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