Les entreprises commencent à en prendre leur parti


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i am trying to translate this phrase and im having problems! i would be grateful for some help!
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    Hello jessifer and welcome to this forum! :)

    What part is a problem for you? Is it the phrase "prendre son parti" (here it's "leur" instead of "son" because "entreprises" is plural)?
    It means something like to accept things have to happen.


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    I have just read your question and as I am French I can say that "prendre leur parti" does not mean what was explained on this forum . Indeed, that is more something like taking the side of someone, I don't know if it's correct in English but what this sentence means is that the enterprises chose its partners or the persons with which they wanted to work or to defend...
    I hope that helped you even if it must be too late for helping you....


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    Salut muriel46mr et bienvenue sur ce forum ! :)

    Ici, il s'agissait de l'expression "en prendre son parti" et non "prendre le parti de quelqu'un" / "prendre parti pour quelqu'un" ce qui est effectivement très différent. ;)