Les médias doivent-ils tout dire ?


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Salut! Je dois faire un argument sur le sujet <<Les médias doivent-ils tout dire ?>> mais je ne suis pas sur ce qu'il veut dire exactement !

Peut-être il parle de la censure dans les médias ? "Should the media tell all?" or "should the media be uncensored?"

Merci d'avance :)
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    Definitely not "should the media be uncensored ?", because it implies that an external authority could control (or not) the medias. According to the question, it would be off topic.
    In my opinion, your question raises the issue of self-censorship, so "Should the media tell all?" seems more accurate to me.


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    the meaning is "should the media tell everything?". It's not necessarily about censoring the media, it can also be about the idea that a journalist must be responsible and not tell something that could hurt innocent people.

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    I'm not sure if it works or not with "media", but I know that tout dire is often translated as reveal all / everything.

    The general rule is say something / tell someone something... but I'm not clear why you wouldn't say tell everything.
    I'm seriously asking. What difference do you make between all and everything (when all isn't used as a pronoun)?

    Is it simply because tell all is more idiomatic, as in this definition :
    tell all
    to tell everything, even the secrets. Source
    And what about a sentence like this one?
    Being honest doesn't mean that you have to say everything you think or tell everything you know.
    Would you have written say, in both cases? Again, I'm asking for my own knowledge. :)
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    This is a gray area for sure. But in general I say something that comes from my own personal thoughts and tell something that I consider external--a story, facts about others, etc. But some set expressions are clear--tell all, tell a lie, tell the truth, tell a story; say hello/goodbye, say X in French, say "XYZ", etc.

    But I really don't think it can be that black and white, Nico--one of those things you feel, I think.

    This old discussion sheds more light: tell / say


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    Thank you, wildan. Of course it can't be black and white - rarely any rule ever is - and I'm familiar with the other set expressions. ;)

    But based on what you wrote, and this line from the thread :
    to tell = quand un renseignement (notion, bilan, information) est transmis
    I still don't get why you'd say : say everything instead of tell everything in that media context, when the definition of "tell all" reads: tell everything.

    Certainly they're not talking about journalist's personal thoughts in the French sentence : Les médias doivent-ils tout dire ?
    My understanding of it is : Should the media tell (the readers/viewers) everything they know?
    Comme dans : surinformer.

    Other than the fact that one is more idiomatic than the other... I don't think there is a difference between tell all and tell everything.

    Il doit me manquer un peu de "English feel". Mais bon... ça ne m'empêchera pas de dormir. :p
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    Hmm what is the nuance. "Should the media say everything?" gives the impression ...should they say everything that possibly could be said about a certain subject or situation. "Should the media tell everything?" Means more like, should they really reveal all that they know about a topic/event. Maybe? Not convinced, but something like that.

    I think I would translate it as "Should the media say everything?"


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    Thank you S_C.
    [...] "Should the media tell everything?" Means more like, should they really reveal all that they know about a topic/event."
    It's because this is what I understood from the French version that I link towards "tell everything", or tell all, as pepethefrog initially wrote.

    Which is why I wrote this initially : I know that tout dire is often translated as reveal all/everything.

    Exemple extrait de cet article :
    Cependant, les médias doivent-ils tout dire ? La révélation de certaines informations ne peut-elle pas être néfaste et semeuse de trouble ? Le respect de la vie privée peut-il toujours se concilier avec la liberté d'expression ?
    Autrement dit : toute vérité n'est pas bonne à dire.
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    Then that works better! Or "tell all" since I don't think I hear "tell everything" too often. Like you said somewhere, you might tell [someone] everything, but by itself it seems slightly awkward. So yeah, "tell all" ...