1. Une_Australienne New Member

    I believe this is an idiomatic expression, and would be very grateful to know how to translate it into English.
  2. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Hello and welcome to the forums, Une_Australienne :)

    I think this thread might help you:
    [h=1]donner des noms d'oiseaux[/h]:)
  3. Mr Swann

    Mr Swann Senior Member

    Paris (enfin presque)
    French - France
    C'est une expression très «old school» pour dire ils se sont insultés les uns les autres ..
    I propose
    A lots of insults were said ...

    In todays newspapers it could be told about a football team even if «des noms d'oiseaux» does not belong to the very small vocabulary of thoses professional football player ...
  4. Mr Swann

    Mr Swann Senior Member

    Paris (enfin presque)
    French - France
    Oups !!
    On peut dire
    Les noms d'oiseaux volèrent ..
    des noms d'oiseaux furent échangés ...
  5. Une_Australienne New Member

    Thank you. We sometimes say in English, 'there was a lot of name-calling', meaning that people were calling each other insulting names; so that might be reasonable translation, depending on the context.
  6. guillaumedemanzac

    guillaumedemanzac Senior Member

    English - Southern England Home Counties
    Depends on your context, but do you want English equivalents???
    A lot of insults were exchanged.
    They exchanged insults.
    Foul language was used.
    Both of them were using bad language.


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