Les nuits blanches

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  1. Ninon Member

    Okay, I realize 'une nuit blanche' is sort of a sleepless night -- but is there more implied? I gather from various contexts that this is a good thing, not some miserable insomnia.
  2. ninoupticha Senior Member

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    une nuit blanche can be taken as a positive thing like when you did a nuit blöanche because you were partying but when the "insomnia-kind" sleepless night then it's nuit blanche too, i don't see any other word to describe it.
  3. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

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    If you stayed up all night of your own free will, in French you would use the phrase 'faire nuit blanche'. If you had a sleepless night, I think most people would not use 'nuit blanche' but say instead : je n'ai pas fermé l'oeil de la nuit (= I couldn't get a wink of sleep).
  4. Ninon Member

    :) Merci, Jean-Michel et ninoupticha! Aucun pareil en anglais. Différence interessante.
  5. Cath.S.

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    Petite remarque
    on dit aussi faire une nuit blanche et passer une nuit blanche.
    Ces deux expressions me semblent même plus usuelles que faire nuit blanche mais je ne saurais en jurer.
  6. julieb01 Senior Member

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    Yes you're right Egueule!

    When someone "fait une nuit blanche", he stays up all the night because he wants to do it.
    When someone "passe une nuit blanche", he stays up all the night because he doesn't manage to sleep.
  7. Yaya Senior Member

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    I think an appropriate translation of "faire une nuit blanch" in English is "to pull an all-nighter"
  8. Gil Senior Member

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    .. or because he has to work on a translation that is already late.

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