les petits raccords [et] les grosses compressions...

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    Qu'importe, l'anglaise absorbe aussi bien les petits raccords que les grosses compressions...

    The anglaise in question being the Bentley, are these little and larger shocks it's absorbing?
  2. gardian

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    Seems likely.
  3. coursic Senior Member

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    Any idea what is this paragraph is talking about?
    For me raccords have nothing to do with compressions...
  4. gardian

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    It says that the Bentley's suspension system deals as well with small oscillations as it does with big oscillations.

    Normally a suspension system would have a bias towards one type of road surface irregularity or else be a set at some compromise level.
    We must assume therefore that the Bentley has some sort of "intelligent suspension."

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